Bohemian Paragons

A Fiery Accident

After getting back on the road, heading towards the closest village in the direction of Eastern Europe, the team finds themselves heading in the direction of a fire. The fire’s source was unknown, but in an attempt to draw attention away from the strangers with a giant bear, the group assists in putting out the fire that is eating away at the tiny church in the tiny village. Neji is granted a medic who is finally able to clear up her poo-brain. The group is lucky to be blessed with a break of finding things and getting rest in this tiny village.

As the group starts to head out, they follow the seemingly singular road that heads out of the village towards Eastern Europe. No one seems too worried until they arrive upon a clearing – and stand facing a silver dragon. Within mere minutes – Big D destroys any possibilities of relating to the dragon, and instead of finding out who or what the dragon seems to be protecting behind it, they instead get attacked. Neji and Claus lay dead in the aftermath, gone forever from the group, and [Phil’s character] lays forgotten in the panic in the village behind while [Brin’s character] and [Emily’s character] run on ahead towards Eastern Europe, Big D not far behind.



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