Bohemian Paragons

A Fiery Accident

After getting back on the road, heading towards the closest village in the direction of Eastern Europe, the team finds themselves heading in the direction of a fire. The fire’s source was unknown, but in an attempt to draw attention away from the strangers with a giant bear, the group assists in putting out the fire that is eating away at the tiny church in the tiny village. Neji is granted a medic who is finally able to clear up her poo-brain. The group is lucky to be blessed with a break of finding things and getting rest in this tiny village.

As the group starts to head out, they follow the seemingly singular road that heads out of the village towards Eastern Europe. No one seems too worried until they arrive upon a clearing – and stand facing a silver dragon. Within mere minutes – Big D destroys any possibilities of relating to the dragon, and instead of finding out who or what the dragon seems to be protecting behind it, they instead get attacked. Neji and Claus lay dead in the aftermath, gone forever from the group, and [Phil’s character] lays forgotten in the panic in the village behind while [Brin’s character] and [Emily’s character] run on ahead towards Eastern Europe, Big D not far behind.

Traveling to France

Summoned from all corners of Europe – the team arrives at perhaps the most elaborate and luxurious party they will ever attend. The mixture of royalty, ambassadors, and the richest people in Europe have come to celebrate the creation of the World Peace Organization. The ritz and glamour of the environment doesn’t stop the team from figuring out that the party was clearly a front – heading upstairs to get into the private meeting among the ambassador’s that excused themselves from the party. The waxy, gray haired penguin-looking man invites them to wait in a separate, magic-sealed room sitting room while the continuing conversation of preserving empires happens with the ambassadors.

Once everyone gathers inside, it is revealed that the waxy, gray haired man is not a man at all, but is instead a glittering, golden woman that is clearly adept in the ways of magic. She reveals to the group that her name is Caotica, and she works for the mysterious constituents of the World Peace Organization – not quite the government-focused group it first appeared to be. She informs them that they have been gathered as a group to complete assignments behind the scenes for the WPO, keeping the peace world-wide. She then assigns them their first task, and sends them onward towards Transylvania, informing them that more information will be provided for them when they arrive.

Along the way, the group finds that the six black horses they were gifted, along with their closed carriage, stop for absolutely nothing… except their will. They seem to be trained with not a single drop of fear in their hearts. They charge forward and find their first kill in the death of a simple wolf, before they face an undead shadow that clearly attempts to attack them. With courage and only one semi-casualty in Neji, they defeat the creature and find a place to hide in a large abandoned castle.

The castle is filled with a large, vicious magically enhanced bear – once human – who, through a series of trial and error attempts, ends up bound by the rose with the single petal left upon it, following the team who possess it while Clous attempts to learn to ride the creature. “Clous’ bear! Get your own bear!”

What challenges will they face next week?


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